Our Technology

We make our blood smart and produce functional red blood cells

Our Proprietary Platform Delivers Drugs to Specific Targets

Our Technology is Applied in Three Areas.

Erythrocyte-based Nutraceuticals

Functionalized erythrocytes for the delivery of cancer vaccines

Delivering neurotrophic factor across the blood-brain barrier

We Innovate Based on Scientific Evidence

Hybrid erythrocyte liposomes: Functionalized red blood cell membranes for molecule encapsulation. Advanced Biosystems4(3), 1900185.

Erythro-VLPs: Anchoring SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins in erythrocyte liposomes. PLOS ONE17(3), p.e0263671.

Erythro-PmBs: A Specific Polymyxin B Delivery System Using Antibody-Conjugated Hybrid Erythrocyte Liposomes , in press ACS Infectious Diseases